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Country General Store (CGS) began in 1971 as a surplus store when the San Fernando Valley still contained remnants of The Wild West. There were plenty of ranchers and farmers that needed outfitting with functional clothes for riding horses, hauling oranges, or just lazing around the back porch. Just like America’s country tradition, owner Rick Stanoff developed a simple but true store philosophy: “Give ‘em what they want”. That is, provide the best in western wear and customers will respond.

As the store grew and the years passed, CGS was becoming THE place to go in Southern California for quality western wear, a large stocked inventory, and sales people who knew what they were selling and cared about the customer. Southern California was changing too and soon CGS was selling not just to cowboys, but to everyone from everyday workers to motorcycle bikers to men and women going out on the town.

Hollywood noticed CGS too, and over the years CGS has built a large following of stylists who can wardrobe just about any show or actor with the best look of the west. Today you’ll find our clothes on many television shows and on the big screen. Country General Store has supplied wardrobe for "No Country For Old Men," "24," "Saving Grace," "W," "Knight Rider," "The Hannah Montana Movie," "Heroes," "CSI," "Land Of The Lost," "Leverage," "NCIS," among others, and most recently, "Dancing With the Stars."

Because of CGS’s authentic look and quality clothes we’ve developed not just an American following, but a worldwide one. Customers from all over the world come to CGS to get, as they say, The Real McCoy of western wear.

We invite you to come by and visit our Van Nuys, CA store – it is a special experience for everyone – a true treasure of the best collections of western wear in the country. Whatever you’re looking for – boots, a cowboy hat, workwear or evening wear – CGS can make you shine. We look forward to seeing you!

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